Flood relief, Solar Panels presented to Tribal families, inauguration of a new Sick Room and Store and a new small vehicle.

DSCF1528Flood Flood! But No water at TRUST Children's Home!!

Celebrating Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

RajTV stage and audienceRaj TV has raised money to build a store room at the Children's Home.

GirlsView a video that Thirumaran had made in June 2018

Cradle at the Boys' HomeCradles at TRUST Children Homes

TRUST AmbulanceThanks to Gillingham School pupils for their fund-raising efforts.

Growth after some rain2017 saw an extended and serious drought.
At the start of November, rain had begun to transform the fields.

29 states, 6400 castes, 1618 languages, 6 religions, 29 major festivals – one country. That is India.

JeyakantWhat happens to TRUSTchildren when they become adults?