Children and sugar caneA happy Christmas and the Tamil festival of Pongal have been celebrated and some new children have joined the Children's Homes in the New Year.


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  • New clothes for Christmas
  • Preparing Christmas presents
  • New clothes for Christmas

Thirumaran reports on a happy Christmas celebration with presents of new clothes to sweet children.
Also: Colourful and tasty cakes, a Christmas Hut, a good feast for all three meals and Crackers!

There are new children, both boys and girls:
• They are children who have lost their parents and 'semi-orphan' children whose father has died. They have lost everything in life. The “Bench Magistrate” of Tirunelveli passed orders to admit the affected and helpless children at both homes. Thirumaran went and collected the poor children along with a lady staff member and brought them to TRUST Children's Home and TRUST Boys' Home. They are safe now with TRUST.
• Both the Children's Homes are now full strength.
• Extra staff members have been appointed to care for the children, including a new gardener and, at the boys’ home, an additional cook.
• "Tuition teachers" have been appointed at both homes to work in the evenings with the older children.
• Last year a good number of sponsors came forward who provided the children with food items at various times. This “food booking record” is good and that is the reason TRUST Children's Homes managed.
• Now the number of the children is greater than last year. The expenditure for everyday and for staff salary and education will be higher. (We believe new doors will open to support TRUST in caring for these children).

Pongal (click here) was celebrated on January 14th and 15th this year. The festivities included new clothes, rangoli, painting the horns of cows and oxen, tasting pongal sweets and breaking the sugarcanes to chew.  On the 15th, Thirumaran's students from 1996 are arranging a dance programme for the children at the Boys’ Home.

  • Shanthi presenting new clothes
  • Children at the textile shop
  • Children and sugar cane

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