Trees dying because of the drought• A drought so bad that trees are dying.
• A drinking water pipeline sanctioned for the Children's Home

Terrible Drought

At the same time that Mumbai and the north east of India are suffering devastating floods, the area of Tamil Nadu around the Children's Homes is in desperate need of rain.  The drought is the worst for many years and so bad that trees that normally survive a lack of water are dying.

Thirumaran laments:

Palm and coconut
Lemon and Teak
Died without water!
Days are counted
For some of the trees!
Palmara’s life is more
It lives for 150 years!
Normally droughts don’t
Disturb the palms!
But this drought in 2017
Sweeps away the gigantic trees.
No water. No Green.
Coconut trees are like children
Villagers weep for this drought
Unbelievable water scarcity!
We worry for the situation
And expecting the rain!

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  • Trees dying because of the drought
  • Trees dying because of the drought
  • Trees dying because of the drought
  • Trees dying because of the drought
  • Trees dying because of the drought


A Water Pipeline to the Children's Home

AT LAST, after more than 12 years, ...a drinking water pipe line has finally been sanctioned for the Children's Home.  Water flows for just a couple of hours each day and containers can be filled during this time.

A pipe will have to be laid (at TRUST's expense) from the village tank to the Children's Home. It will be a considerable cost as the distance is around half a kilometre but it will make a great difference to the girls.

This is WONDERFUL news! smile Many thanks to all who have supported Thirumaran's appeals for this great step forward.

A similar connection was made for the Boys' Home earlier this year. Information about this here.

More news on this page as this project develops...