GirlsHostelLocationA Children’s Home is for children, of course, and in India the rules say this means up to the age of 18.

Thirumaran has always thought of the children as his extended family and they think of each other as ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’.

When the children leave school, they continue their education or training at College and usually stay away in a hostel in term time.
In the holidays they have been allowed to return to the Children’s Home (which they think of as their home, of course) and have been looked after there - in the same way as any family would look after their children in this situation.
In due course the youngsters find employment, or are married, and move away, but return from time to time to keep in touch with their ‘family’.

Suddenly, the social services have said that it is not allowed for ‘adults’ (ie over 18s) to stay in the Children’s Home…
The children about to leave school and go to college are really upset…
The youngsters at college have nowhere to return to in vacation…
Thirumaran is really stuck wondering what on earth he can do…

The solution proposed is a couple of simple hostels in the village, one for boys and one for girls.
TRUST has land available, next to the Children's Home and next to the Boys’ Home.
The buildings will cost money, of course. The estimate is about £16,500 each for the basic build.
This is to provide enough places for the youngsters who leave each year and go on to college - maybe averaging five each year and for three years, so around 15 youngsters.
About half of this money is already given or promised, so it has been possible to get started.
If you can help further, please use one of the DONATE buttons at the top right of the page or the 'Contact Us' link. Thank you.

It’s hoped that some interim temporary arrangements will be possible with existing accommodation in the village and that the authorities might make exceptions once building gets under way.

Having met Thirumaran, you’ll know that he is always positive that problems can be solved!

Many grateful thanks for your interest and for the regular support that many of you give to help Thirumaran look after the Children at TRUST and then continue to support them into adulthood.

Choosing the hostel sites:

On 20th April, the places to build the “World For 18+”  hostels were selected.
There was a simple ceremony in both places, with coconut, paddy, flowers, neem stick, milk, sandal wood, water, bananas, kumkum and sweets.
TRUST children viewed and participated in the things that went on.

After a lot of consultancy the best places were selected:
For the boys - near the road side at the track up to the Boys' Home
For the girls - in the adjacent campus, just behind the Bell Hall.

Foundations begun:

On 23rd April, a start was made - clearing the land, marking out and then digging foundations.
The rocks for the foundations are available from when wells were dug at the homes and just have to be transported to the hostel sites.

The start of the walls:

By 2nd May the lower part of the walls at the Boys' Hostel, built from the same rock as the foundations, were well under way and a load of bricks had been delivered.

By 13th May there is a picture of the brick walls going up at the Girls' Hostel.

The Girls' Hostel has a roof:

By the end of the first week of June the walls of the Girls' Hostel were complete and the concrete was being poured for the roof.

More fund raising is needed, I think, to get the Boys' Hostel to the same stage!

GirlsHostel_almostReadyThe Girls' Hostel is almost complete:

Some more funds have enabled the Girls' Hostel to reach the final stages (end Aug).



The Boys' Hostel building:

Has resumed in September.

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