Banu and Gomathi enjoying the lunch-time feastThe first 'grandchild' in the TRUST family has just been born! Congratulations and best wishes to Banu and her husband, pictured here on their wedding day.

Thirumaran writes: "Mrs.Banu Priya delivered a male child yesterday. A promotion for her. Happy to see the baby and Banu at the hospital. Send your blessings to shower on the child and mother."

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Poster of BanuA week ago there was a party to celebrate her ninth month.
Thirumaran wrote: "I hope you all remember one of our children Miss Banu Priya who became Mrs Banu Gomathi Nayagam three years ago. Now she is carrying a baby in her womb. 9 months!

Party to celebrate Banu's 9th month"We celebrated this function in her husband’s village on 4-12-2016. A big vegetarian feast. All our TRUST children were taken there for breakfast and lunch. Two vans hired for this. We presented her with silver bangles and glass bangles. In turn, Banu presented glass bangles to all the girls.

Ralph at Banu's 9th month party"The English actor, Mr Ralph, a person known for his empathy and sympathy blessed Banu with a pair of silver bangles. Mr Richard and Mrs Angela sent their special blessings to Banu from England. 
We are expecting the baby in a week's time. It is really a promotion for TRUST Children Home and I remember Mr Gomathi Nayagam married this poor girl without dowry, jewels and any other silly demands. It is an intercaste marriage too. Bless them for a good baby. 

We are having duties like admitting her to hospital and bringing her back safely to her house.
Me, my wife, my younger son Nannan really enjoyed the day."

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