• Improving the well at the Children's Home
• Building a stone wall around for security
• Establishing a hand-loom project for village women

A Deeper Well at the Children's Home

Going down to inspect the wellA very generous gift from two recent visitors, supplemented by funds from general donations through the Support Group, has enabled the well at the Children's Home (where the girls live) to be increased in depth.

The well is already about 59 feet deep (and about 15 feet square in cross section) - so it is a very big hole! The plan was for a further 20 feet depth. But at about 76 feet the poor ventilation and smoke meant that the men could dig no further.

The remaining donations paid for a 'side bore' which is a hole 4 inches in diameter for about 300 feet sideways.  It is so dry at the moment that this has produced no yield but it is expected that when the rain eventually arrives it will help to fill the well.  There is still a small flow of water from an earlier side bore.

Activity at the head of the wellAll this digging and expense hasn't provided water now, but it isn't wasted - it will provide much greater capacity when rain arrives.

Water is a vital commodity and a good supply will enable food to be grown as well as providing for the immediate needs of the children. With little or no water from the wells and bore holes at the moment, water has to be purchased for cooking and drinking. The drought is severe in this south east area of India; maybe the worst for over twenty years. At the same time our news reports are of terrible floods in the north.


A Wall for the Children's Home

The start of the wall, with stone from the wellUp until now the Children's Home has been secured with a wire fence. But a regular inspection by State Officials decided (amongst other things) that a solid wall was required. Fortunately our Support Group was able to help with the finance and a timely start has been made on the wall that they required. Security is important, of course, and so it was important to spend money on putting the required measures in place.

Stone was available from the well project and that was used for the first three feet. There is a further six feet made of cement blocks.

The first stage of the wall is along the road, south from the existing gate.


A Weaving Project

Inspecting the hand loomsKVIC (Khadi Village Industries Commission) and Sarvodaya (a Gandhian Organization) came forward to help with wonderful vocational training providing with Ambrasarka weaving machines. These are hand loom machines which can be operated both by hands and legs. A person can earn a minimum of 250 rupees per day by learning this.  Thirumaran went and viewed a project in Srivilliputhur.

It is a training as well as an income generating programme which will help 20 village women.

The weaving machines will be donated by KVIC but a building was needed. The building has been very generously funded by a donation from a medical doctor in the USA who was a friend of the late Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, the 11th President of India, and his Scientific Advisor Mr Ponraj Vellaichamy.

Choosing the spot for the hand loom buildingMr Ponraj is an old College friend of Thirumaran and visited to choose the spot for the building (it will be in the same compound as the guest house). The TRUST boys came to honour the ceremony.  Mr Ponraj visited the Children's Homes and engaged with the children.

It is hoped to inaugurate the project in early September.


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  • Going down to inspect the well
  • Preparing to drill a side bore
  • A small yield from the existing side bore
  • Activity at the head of the well
  • Foundations of the wall
  • The start of the wall, with stone from the well
  • A new entrance to the Children's Home
  • A completed section of the wall
  • A hand loom
  • Inspecting the hand looms
  • Choosing the spot for the hand loom building
  • Gathering to choose the spot

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